To join the Stars and Stripes Alumnae Association, please 

Complete our Online Membership application

All military affiliated alumnae are invited to be members of the Stars and Stripes Alumnae Association.  This includes (but not limited to) spouses, parents, siblings, retirees, active duty alumnae and even good friends of military Kappas.  There are many benefits to being a dues paying member of this Association that include the following: 

  • Virtual special interest groups
  • "Living Membership Directory" - We are creating a Word document with our member information to include duty stations so that ladies can connect with those members around them.  It will be a living document in that we will continue to update as new members join.
  • Continuity and constant connection to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity no matter where a member is located.
  • Support from fellow Kappa alumnae connected to the military
  • Philanthropy events that benefit our military community

In an effort to maintain our fees and ability to participate in Fraternity activities (i.e. philanthropy, Conventions, community giving such as the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation etc.), our membership fees and membership levels are as follows:

  • Owl Level (primary membership) - $37 (with $22 per capita fee included)  
  • Key Level (dual member of another association) - $20
  • Golden Key Level (65 and older) - $32 for Primary, $15 for Dual Members
  • Fleur De Lis Level (offers the ability to add a donation that will be reserved for a donation to the Kappa Kappa Foundation on behalf of the Stars and Stripes AA) - additional donation to either Owl or Key Levels

We do encourage dual memberships for our members as we realize that they may be located near a traditional Alumnae Association.  We do however strongly encourage our Stars and Stripes members to have their primary membership be with the Stars and Stripes and join the local alumnae association as a dual member.  This allows a member to always be a member of an alumnae association no matter how many times they move yet still participate with local associations if they are available.

You can also print and mail in a Paper Application to join Stars & Stripes:
application/pdf 2014-2015 Stars and Stripes Membership Form.pdf 74.22 KB 08-23-2014 4:13 pm