Welcome Sierra Kappas!

If you would like to connect with Kappa, we invite you to become a member of the Sierra Alumnae Association. As a member, you will receive our newsletters, invitations to association and interest group events, our Membership Directory, the opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills. Even if you feel you don’t have time to participate in the association events, simply becoming a member of the association is a chance to give back to Kappa. Kappa—for a lifetime!

  • Too busy? Of course. But, even busy complicated lives need a little break from their regular routine. Kappa offers close, intergenerational friendships that connect us from our college days to the end of our lives.

  • I don’t know anyone! Come to one event and you will. Our association has a wide variety of activities that offer you a chance to make new friends and network with a group of talented women.

  • What’s in it for me?  Friendship certainly. But, if doing something different in the community is important to you consider connecting with Sierra Kappas. We offer a chance to be involved with philanthropy. 

  • I was never active in my chapter. I don’t even remember what my chapter was called. Don’t worry! There’s never a quiz and we can look up your chapter information for you. We have great fun sharing stories…”at my chapter we did it this way…” and love meeting other Kappas.