~  The Valentine Tea 2014 - Saturday February 1st ~

A large group of sisters gathered at The Louisa Garden Room on Saturday 2/01/14 for the 4th Annual Valentine's Tea. We included important woman in our lives at this event: Amanda Brown brought her life-long friend Mimi as well as some gluten free treats, and Kappa moms, Emily Kyser, Michele Becker, Jorene Gorman, and Elisabeth Rice attended with their little legacies in tow! Olivia Florio attended as her first Association event - we look forward to seeing her again! There was a nice mix of sweet and savory treats as well as tea and cocoa - Michele Becker's cheese and veggie tray was a big hit, so were Samantha Flaherty's orange zest cupcakes! The kids enjoyed the Valentine craft and coloring while sisters chatted. Books were collected for SMART and Jan'L Earnshaw shared about volunteer opportunities at the upcoming SMART Gala on 2/21/14 to support our local philanthropy. If you are interested in supporting SMART through volunteering at the Gala, email Jan'L. Thank you to Events Chair, Katie Watkins, for planning such a lovely party.


 A portion of the group, complete in holiday colors!

  The tasty treats and Elisabeth Rice's sweetie, Carson

Events Chair Katie Watkins and Board Members Elisabeth Rice and Joan Hunter enjoyed the Tea!