The date has been set for Founders Day 2014 ~ Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 12th!

Founders Day 2013

Celebrating 143 years of Kappa Kappa Gamma sisterhood!

Recognizing 75-, 65-, 50-year and 25 year- Kappa’s initiated in 1938, 1948, 1963 and 1988.
The Portland Alumnae Association - Founder's Day 2013
Our 2013 Founders Day, held at Oswego Lake Country Club, was again a very well attended event, with over 90 women participating! We had one 75 year member who was pinned by her daughter, as well as three 65 year members and eight 50 year members recognized, including several women from the 1963 Gamma Mu Pledge class, and twins Jan Honnen Giunta and Judith Honnen from Colorado State. This year we also honored 25 year pin members and had two women receive pins. Our annual Silent Auction raised over $600 for our local active chapters, over 65 books were collected for SMART, and many women wore the suggested blue and blue attire, making for another wonderful picture!
 Dorothy Reeves Wiley (Gamma Eta, Washington State) received her 75 year pin, pinned by her daughter, Linda Reid (Epsilon Iota, Puget Sound).
50 year pin recipients - initiated in 1963. 
From L to R: Joan McFie Bailey (Delta Tau, USC); Linda Engstrom (Psi, Cornell); Anne Forney (Gamma Mu, Oregon State); Margie Coffee (Gamma Mu, Oregon State); Ann Duffin (Gamma Mu, Oregon State); Carol Wiedemann (Gamma Mu, Oregon State); Jan Honnen Giunta (Epsilon Beta, Colorado State); and Judith Honnen (Epsilon Beta, Colorado State)

Meghan Jackson Johnson (Epsilon Epsilon, Emory) brought Kappa keepsakes from her grandmother, Patricia "Jay" Jacqueline (Davies) Jackson (University of British Columbia, Gamma Upsilon 1948), and great-grandmother, Frances Orley (Bailey) Jackson (University of Idaho, Moscow, Beta Kappa 1916), to share with the group. Memorabilia included Frances’ Kappa song book from 1916 and scrapbook from the 27th national convention in 1926 at Mills College in Oakland, as well as a Jay Jackson’s 1948 pledge handbook, initiation letter and 50 year letter for. 2013 would have been Jay’s 65th pin, but she passed away in December 2012. It was lovely to get to view and touch these pieces of Kappa history!


2013 Pin Honorees:


75-year members:

·         Mabel Morse Lindberg, Gamma Mu

·         Vivian Lewis Murphy, Gamma Eta

·         Nan Ward Schueler, Gamma Delta

·         Dorothy Perkins Taylor, Beta Kappa

·         Dorothy Reeves Wiley, Gamma Eta *


65-year members:

·         Carol Frost Cameron, Delta Mu

·         Sally Reymers Cowan Gamma Mu

·         Marjorie Dailey Fuegy, Gamma Mu

·         Noel Lankton Isaacson, Delta Beta

·         Nadine Monroe Manning, Gamma Mu*

·         Loretta Morris Murphy, Gamma Mu

·         Ann Hemsing Ramsmeier, Gamma Gamma

·         Virginia Kane Ryan, Beta Xi

·         Marjorie Kuenstler Taylor, Gamma Mu

·         Shirley Gordon White, Delta Sigma

·         Martha (Jane) Hull Wilkins, Beta Omega *


50-year members:

      ·         Joann McFie Bailey, Delta Tau *

·         Marabee Groom Bertelsen, Beta Omega

·         Arvilla Nelson Carney, Beta Kappa

·         Margie Coffee, Gamma Mu *

·         Ann Duffin, Gamma Mu *

·         Sandra Lehman Egge, Gamma Mu

·         Linda Cascio Egnstrom, Psi*

·         Kathleen Butts Farlow, Beta Omego

·         Theresa Rittenour Farrens, Beta Omega

·         Marie (Anne) Manno Forney, Gamma Mu *

·         Janice Honnen Guinta, Epsilon Beta *

·         Judith Honnen, Epsilon Beta *

·         Mary Dana Hoodenpyle, Beta Phi

·         Bonnie Boyd Huston, Gamma Mu

·         Tanya Pomeroy Jorgenson, Epsilon Delta

·         Gail Norin Kearns, Gamma Mu

·         Cathie Neilson McNeil, Gamma Mu

·         Karen Meservey, Gamma Mu

·         Judith Heimbach Paulk, Chi

·         Judith Stokes Reece, Beta Alpha

·         Mary Offutt Schmidt, Beta Mu

·         Mary Solie Stevenson, Beta Pi

·         Kathryn Barany Whittaker, Gamma Gamma

·         Carol Gales Wiedemann, Gamma Mu *

·         Louise Pearson Yarbrough, Gamma Pi

·         Susan Baer Yee, Beta Omega

Names with * were in attendance.

 Kappa Kappa Gamma - Aspire to be!