The President is our leader, she supervises the affairs of the sorority and attends all of the meetings involving the Delta Tau chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.  She acts as the liaison between the sorority and the university. She fills vacancies occurring over among chairmen as well as signs all official documents.
The VP Standards is the head of the Standards Committee. She is responsible for probation, loss of membership and reinstatement. She works with legal counsel in advising Fraternity Council when necessary.
The VPO assists the President in all aspects of the sorority. She reviews the sorority publications and overseas the public relations of the sorority. She organizes the committees as well as arranges committee nights.
The VP Academic Excellence promotes the academy of sorority. She is responsible for checking grades as well as calculates or sorority grade point average. She organizes study materials as well as arranges Scholarship Dinner. 
The Recording Secretary is responsible for the attendance of sorority members. She must be present at all events in order to take role and is responsible for rewarding House Points as necessary.
The Corresponding Secretary is the sorority’s primary source of communication. She receives all e-mails and sends them out in the house e-mail. She is responsible from the communication between the sorority and the university.
The Treasurer is in charge of the financial operations of the sorority.  She works with Chapter Council members to prepare budgets each semester as well as maintains the overall budget of the sorority. She is responsible for signing checks and giving reimbursements.
The Registrar keeps track of Kappa's members and their contact information. She is also in charge of organizing our annual composite.
The Marshal is responsible for keeping order at sorority meetings. She is also responsible for maintaining the sorority’s ritual as well as planning the sorority’s initiation.  
The Sr. Panhellenic Delegate serves as the liaison between the Panhellenic Council and Kappa Kappa Gamma. She attends all Panhellenic meetings and informs Chapter Council of new information concerning the Greek community.
The Jr. Panhellenic Delegate serves as an assistant to Sr. Panhellenic and is a pre-requisite for the position.
The Education Chair calls together all educational programming for the Fraternity. She oversees the maintance and improvement of educational programs and provides information as requested.
The Social Chair is in charge of all Kappa Kappa Gamma social events. She is required to take the necessary procedures in order to put on a Kappa Kappa Gamma social event. She is in charge of seeing out the events as well as taking in information to improve future events
The House Chair is responsible for the maintenance of the Kappa Kappa Gamma house. She organizes the placement of sorority members in the Kappa Kappa Gamma house as well as plans Moms Weekend activities..
The Recruitment Chair is the spokesman for formal recruitment. She oversees all formal recruitment operations as well as communicates with Panhellenic Council about the rules and regulations of recruitment. 
The New Member Educator and Asst. New Member are in charge of the new member class. They are responsible for educating them about Kappa Kappa Gamma and the Delta Tau Chapter. They plan and supervise the New Member Retreat and encourage new members to get involved and help new members in any way necessary. 
The Philanthropy Chair promotes philanthropy to the chapter and its members. She is responsible for planning the chapter’s annual philanthropic event as well as coordinating the participation in other Fraternity or Sorority philanthropic events. 
The Public Relations Chair is responsible for the public relations of the sorority. She is in charge of t-shirts for the sorority and events. She also maintains our public relations with the Greek Community as well as the university.
The Risk Management Chair is in charge of the security of members at Kappa events. She works with events to make sure that everyone follows the rules and things go smoothly.