Kappa Kappa Lubbock Alumnae Association Membership Form
It’s never too late to join! The Lubbock Alumnae Association looks forward to another great year of sisterhood events, and would love to have YOUR participation!
Name (First) ______________    (Maiden)__________   (Last) _______________
Address_______________________________________   Zip___________
Phone (Home) _____________   (Office) ______________   (Cell) ___________
Email Address__________________________________
Year Initiated_________   University and Chapter____________________________
How do you prefer to be notified of meetings and upcoming events? Please check one:
                           _____Email  _____Phone _____Mail
Do you need a ride to events? __________
Can you provide support in other ways such as gifts in kind, hosting an event or presenting a program? If you can, please let us know how: ____________________________________________________________________
Beyond the basic Alumnae Association dues, additional funds are always needed to send delegates to our Province Meeting and General Convention, as well as to help with Chapter assistance. Over the last two years, we have funded over $2000 for chapter expenses and need to increase our membership numbers to continue to help them when they need it. Our National Organization now requires we send $17 to the operating fund for each association member. We are increasing the membership dues to help ensure we remain a strong, solvent association. As you send your dues this year, please consider the great things that an extra contribution could enable our Association to do!  
Enclosed is my check for: July 1, 2014 – July 1, 2015
___ Basic Active Membership $55   ___ Basic Patron Membership $65   ___ Night Owls Membership $40  
Please make checks payable to KKG Lubbock Alumnae Association.
Mail this form with your check  to Ronee Patton, 3206 44th Street, Lubbock, Texas 79413