Who are the Detroit East Suburban Alumnae?
















Kappa alumnae in the east and northeast suburban Detroit area, known as the Detroit East Suburban Alumnae Association (KKG-DESAA) is a group of women steeped in tradition, history and camaraderie. Dating back to 1915, the group is proud to be community minded, diverse in ages and welcoming to all Kappa Alumnae. We hail from a large number of chapters – our 63 current members include women from 11 different universities. We have a long history of wonderful philanthropic efforts including the support of our National Fraternity. DESAA is a warm, welcoming, accepting and energetic group of talented, fun-loving women who will welcome and support all those Kappas who choose to spend time with our group. Kappa is truly an experience for a lifetime and the DESAA is a part of that experience.

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