Have you paid your dues?

Your dues pay for your per capita fee to headquarters, but also help us pay for programming. This year at convention the per cpaita fees were raised by $5 for both collegiate and alumna members. Since we recently went through a dues increase, the board decided toremain with our current dues levels for the upcoming year. Below are the dues lelves:
Sapphire Level: $100
Golden Key Level: $75
Fleur de Lis Level: $55
Owl Level: $35
2014 Graduates: $25
Please mail your checks to our Treasurer, Aunick Lund, at the provided address. Checks should be made out to KKG BVAA. If you have any questions, pelase do not hesitate to contact Aunick. She is happy to help you!
Aunick Lund
1044 Harcourt Drive
Boise, ID 83702-1834
(208) 345-3279